Water Sharing Details for Feltham & Twickenham Piscatorial Society.

CSAS has a water sharing agreement with the Feltham & Twickenham Piscatorial Society which enables CSAS members to fish their waters. The basis of of the agreement is the exchange of 5 permits.

CSAS Members wishing to fish these waters, please contact Tony Paul on 01932 563094 or by email giving your name, membership number and date when wanting to fish.

When fishing on these waters members must follow the regulations that apply to them.

The waters are listed below.

Sivyers Lake

Sivyers is F&TPS's Premier water located in Sunbury-on-Thames in Middx. The water is open daily from 7.00 a.m. from 1st May - 31st March. It offers all year round fishing with its busy period between June and September. On-site facilities include ladies and gents toilets and a secure all-weather car park. The site has two lakes, the smaller of which will be re-developed in late 2006 to provide a mixed fishery of 20+ pegs specifically designed for pole and light waggler fishing.

Angling is from purpose built swims that provide safe access to the lake. The  main lake has around 40 pegs able to provide first class fishing in a peaceful environment. Sivyers is a mixed coarse fishery but predominately contains Carp to over 20 lb, Bream to over 6lb and Tench to over 5lb along with lots of silver fish such as Roach to over 2lbs, Rudd and Skimmer Bream. The lake also holds some specimen Perch to over 4lbs.

Whilst pellets, sweetcorn and meat are good baits during the summer months, in the colder weather it pays to turn to smaller hook baits such as casters, maggots and worms.


The society owns the fishing rights on an 800 yard section of the Kennet in Aldermaston noted for good quality chub and barbel with occasional catches of quality roach. The stretch has a variety of swims, the most popular being on the down stream end of the stretch.


This is a worked out gravel pit in Cranford village close to Heathrow airport. The water was once a prolific carp water but now suffers from low water levels. It still holds a head of good sized carp and each year there is an explosion of small carp as the water seems ideal for spawning.

Anglers are advised to be particularly careful when approaching the water as the banks are very steep in some places.

The Creek

There is an official car park for members at the top of the fishery, which then allows anglers access to the river through two fields.

A well-known chub and barbel fishery, the Creek is a private fishery only accessible to members. The river is also well-known locally for barbel which run up to 10lbs, particularly where the water starts to loose its pace.The remainder of the length is good for all silver fish including chub.Favoured baits tend to be bronze maggot and caster, although for the barbel meat baits are an obvious and popular choice, as are specialised commercial barbel baits.Naturally, depths vary from four to six feet along the one mile stretch. The section of river with the woods on the far bank are good for chub and roach. The large bend at the top of the fishery, known as barbel bend, is where the water slows and is generally deeper. Throughout most of the river's length the majority of anglers fish a stick float with ledgering only used when targeting the barbel and chub. When fishing the stick, it is usual to follow the 'inside line' where the river has a bit of pace. Alternatively, another popular method is the pole along the far bank for roach and dace.

Lyne Lake

Lyne lake is a old estate of 3.5 acres which has undergone major de-silting to remove 14,000 cubic metres of silt it now has depths to 2.4 metres in some swims the swims are currently under construction with 20 now complete which means only half the lake is open to fish.

The lake was stocked with carp to 30lb tench to 6lb bream to 5lb perch to 4-12oz chub f1 carp roach and rudd and this year its been restocked with 750lb bream/hybrids and 250lb of large roach also night fishing is allowed please note no method feeders allowed.